21., 22. 07. 2017 (friday/saturday)
Castle Jelšava (Slovakia)

48°37'54.4"N 20°14'07.2"E

Castle is currently in the process of restoration and is under "construction". Before entering the building each visitor must register and confirm in writing that he is aware of this fact. The entrance to the building is at your own risk.
Visitors of the event accept that the organizer is not responsible for any possible damage caused to property and the health of visitors.


By car

Parking is located directly in front of the castle and currently is also free of charge.
(parking here is free of charge). For other details see map.


More info about bus transport here.


For visitors of the festival will be available campsite located directly by the castle free of charge - no limited.

When you prefer more comfortable accommodation directly in Jelšava you can find more informations here:
Penzión Poľovný dom
Parking available
E-mail for reservation: anna.pribolova @
Telephone: +421907287211 (slovak and english language)
+421918631477 (hungarian language)
If you want to book the accomodation right in Jelšava, please do so ASAP so you will have the closest option to the venue possible ;)

Accomodation in villages nearby:
Hotel Hradok, Jelšava (approx. 10km from the venue)

Penzion Flipper (approx. 7km from the venue

Penzion Psota (approx. 7km from the venue)

Apartmán Revúca (approx. 12 km from the venue)

Penzión Harmónia (approx. 12 km from the venue)
breakfast included in the basic room prize

Penzion Kráľov dom (approx. 13 km from the venue)

Penzión Skalná ruža (approx. 17 km from the venue)




Right on the Castle will be available beer, wine, nonalcoholic drinks, meals for both vegetarian and carnivores.


Payments for tickets and food/drink at the castle will be accepted in €.


Without limit.

Because it is very difficult to organize the festival the way we do till now, we have decided, that if there will be less than 130 pre-sold tickets (till end of May 2017), the event will be cancelled this year and there will be no substitute. We cannot afford such risk and repeatedly pay the gap from private sources after (if the event will be cancelled, you will get full refund back to your account), so please, do not wait till the last moment, but if you are seriously interested in visiting this year's Walls of Solitude, be so kind and support the festival this way in advance.
The contribution price should be at least 35 € (two days ticket), but of course, you can pay more and support the festival, if you wish. That would give us more options to make the festival even more appealing and better for you.
We really appreciate your support and believe we´ll see each other in Jelšava!


Only 2 days tickets á 35 €
Excursion ticket: 5 € - please order them in presale if you want to participate on the excursion
Presale starts 20.03.2017
Presale ends 10.07.2017
-> Tickets

Tickets on site

2-day ticket (21.-22.07.2017) 40 €
1-day ticket only for friday or only for saturday: TBA - only on site


You can take your pets with you, but you need to watch over them and pay attention to cleanliness. Each owner is responsible for his pet.


If you are already parents and wish to take your kids with you to the festival, children under 13 years will be admitted for free when accompanied by parents.


Please note that the festival takes place in a historical building, so please placet he waste only in places designated for this purpose. Don’t throw away drink cups and cigarette butts freely around or damage the area in any way. But we believe that visitors of this festival are sufficiently culturally aware.
By purchasing a ticket, visitors agree that the organizer is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of any visitor property, tents, objects depicted in them, objects they have on themselves or on themselves.


Castle Jelšava