Czech Republic

industrial wreckcore | Czechia

Former of the elder PANIC SAUCE correctional institution for experimental mental clearance and animosity methylation provided with counterculture practice, widespreading noise, abstract noun and with so far unknown tactics since 1999. At the time, A-TRASH helped to built up local extreme electronics scene contributing with many international artists and friends, from Alaska across Old continent to Australia or Japan (for all namely Abelcain, Hekate, Bloody Fist, Bombardier, System Corrupt, DHR, Les Trolls, Hecate, Sikhara, Martel En Tete, Eupholus, Koonda Hoola, Widerstand, Power Vs Power, Peace Off, Interfulg Galaktika, Caterva, Noisecamp, Hart?deFakte, Vidio Atak, Nommo Ogo, Ripit, Sprengstoff, Mars Assault, Reset, Headfuk, Solar Skeletons, Idroscalo Dischi, Eat Your Bones and many many more). Some decade ago transformed and merged into the new entity, the PHUTURE UNKNOWN conglomerate, which LYKO PRODUCTION is part of it too. Member of ČRNÁ ZEM, BORNE BY TEMPEST and DYSNOMIA onomatopoeia developing projects.

Contribution to the Rosice festival will be composed from the confiteor of savage industrial tyranny where the human, stretched on a cog-wheel, has settled down. Blessed with grim-psychedelic psychiatric hospitality, i take your cerebrum on a long journey, ending up nailed on a berth in the burning cellar of sunking colossal chimney plant. The sky is not, scorched is everything and the skin flutters on the stick. The lament of earthly martyrdom is going to be swallowed with the black anthems of the appocalypse. This is the sound of wreckage announcing new beginning. Feel testing the exctinction of the last from the anthropo-spieces. Because when the man-made machines start to dig, then the glorius geniture of golden human grave begin to reveal.

Darksome. Psychedelic. Turmoil. Havoc. Reborn.

-unknown psalm-