“Mika Vainio tribute”
The alias “Teapot” encompasses music related activities (production, live-act and DJing) of Tomáš Ferko.

His music production is largely based on the development of various ideas during live shows. The key creative method is improvisation with loops, themes and rhythms. This playful approach enables not only to create tracks but also present spontaneous mutations of them each time they are played live.
Although the resulting songs are a melange of genres, what they have in common is a feel of spatiality.
Already in the year 2004 he was a participant of Red Bull Music Academy in Rome, but his main habitat is the Slovak and Czech electronic music scene. Throughout the years, he has played and DJed at many festivals, opened for a number of international guests, and hit almost all of the key venues and released his music mainly through Exitab.
Prior to relocating to Prague at the beginning of 2014 he was a resident DJ at Wilsonic Club — a monthly club-night directly affiliated with Wilsonic Festival.
Currently he is co-running the DIY platform “Altershapes” — acting as a content curator for the website, a co-host at the monthly radio-show on Radio Punctum and as a resident DJ at parties hosted by the collective.