PURGIST is an outlet for focused exploration of urban field recordings, digitalartifacts, aural atmospherics and disjointed noise dynamics.
His vivid, cinematic post-industrial harsh noise works have a prominent conceptual background based on a reflection upon personal vices and self-abusive obsessions.

Dawid Kowalski
Born Nov. 30th of 1986 in
Kielce, Poland
Sound artist, improviser, publisher, culture animator, organizer and art activist specializing in radical avant-garde electronic music. Since the early 2000s, he has been an active member of the Polish and international underground music community. Over the years, he has been actively performing, organizing and co-organizing live music events, including multi-day festivals. Kowalski has also been actively releasing music via his home label and documenting the scene via electronic and traditional media outlets.

As an art activist and promoter, Kowalski has been continuously involved in animating the underground electronic music scene in Poland. In 2006, he has started an online community for radical music enthusiasts currently known as harshnoise.org which was originally a web forum which later evolved to a collective of music enthusiasts, artists and journalists with an online outlet in the form of an electronic magazine. That site has made a considerable impact on the local experimental music scene, being a significant factor in its consolidation, evolution and growth. He has also been writing articles for a number of traditional magazines, including Special Interests, M/I, Skin Yard and Hard Art. He has published numerous music reviews, interviews and feature articles. He has also been involved in compilating the English edition of Rafal Kochan’s Encyclopaedia of Industrial Music.

PURGIST - "Urban Crawler" @ Eufemia, Warsaw, Poland