Czech Republic

The Prostory Revival + Uncle Grasha’s Flying Cirkus + Drén

Experimental electronic, poetry — impossible to describe, unseen, weird, curious, drunk, clearly improvised and sometimes a massive chaotic clatter of screaming (into the dark).
“A space for multimedia, for experiment, for avant-garde.
It is like putting in one pot: techno, scissors, brushes with a horse neck, a social realistic poetry collection, high voltage wires, little engines without trains, cave creature’s echo, indigenous tribes’ masks from Polynesia, alien physics textbooks, a scissor-hand ballet, nordic myths about the origin of television, a keyboard after a sleepless night, an incantation against hunger, empty wine bottles which migrated to a village and one plaster gnome.
If stirred properly this all might create an image of composition of the multicultural potion which this ensemble offers.”

The Prostory Revival Technobozi :D