Pali Bratranec


Bratranec was born in Piešťany in the first month of the year of Charta 77.
After graduating from a grammar school in Piešťany, he studied at the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica in 2000 – 2006.
He did his Bachelor’s (2004) and Master’s (2006) degree at the Studio of classical painting disciplines under the supervision of professor Ľudovít Hološka, Academic Artist.
Bratranec pursue free creation using various techniques (pastel, oil, encaustic painting, print media), and various materials. As a working surface he uses paper, canvas, hard board.
He overreaches the classical painting medium aplying different ground-materials as mediated, transferred, stolen Genio loci. These materials he combines with classical painting techniques.
He works also using the encaustic technique, which is one of the oldest and steadiest painting methods. As the only, it preserves its original color richness, and its characterized by its so-called wet effect achieved by its content of greasy adhesive beeswax.
He also creates space objects and installations.
The topic fields of his work are everydayness, resp. everynightness as a ceaseless center and struggle for existence. Space, moment, time, path as a cliché, but that cliché is here, and it will always be here. Life is a path, as he says by himself: “I perceive the everydayness, resp. everynightness as a new beginning, new ending, birth and downfall, the downfall of the birth, the birth of the downfall. The beginning of the end, the end of the beginning.”
He lives and comprises art in Piešťany.