Ontervjabbit presents the Torture Garden album/project, an audio-visual presentation/interpretation of the book by the french author Octave Mirbeau (1848 - †1917), titled in french as Le Jardin des Supplices (1899).
The album continually evolved throughout the 3 year period (2016 - 2018), and it demarcates/inaugurates a new chapter in the works of both artists, releasing the sound material on their newly co-founded label, that is going to bring a dynamic platform of creativity and foster additional collaborative endeavour with other (sound) artists as well.

Album was released on 6th June (Vile Descent Tapes, Slovenia).

"Drive and conceptual formulation of the album-project:
Theory, concept and idea of the project follows and simultaneously re-interprets the »Torture Garden's« theoretical implications, of dealing with topics like politics, sexuality, spirituality (through philosophical lens), in a critical manner and with a sense of personal investigation into the matters of life's (existential) struggles and overall suffering (which is present on a massive scale).
The book is dealing with the subjects connected with rulership, power and authority, politics, sexuality, religion, murder and just in general with the organicity of life itself and its accompanying decomposing stench/odour of death. Slogans of the type: »Love as torture« and »Law as murder«, encompass in themselves, the divide between the two poles, demarcating between the bodily/physical and the symbolic order, – incessantly dismembering the subject, torturing it –, and as it seems, only through this process that the human being becomes constituted as a symbolic being.
Bodily and symbolic effects, their dualities, cuts, fluctuations and dislocations, all of them, keep maintaining their characteristic/their tension, through the pressure of the element of death – the organic finitude, the putrefaction and disintegration, together with the symbolic-law in-finitude inescapably tearing up the subject, holding him in the 'jaws' of dead letter and formal emptiness.
On the one side we are presented with the purest ethical contents, cleared up reasons and concepts, and on the other side with the reality/brutality of murder – concreteness of blood and violence, as a price that we have to pay, for exiting the straightforwardly-natural-givenendowments
(nature given reality as a natural being), that forever remains (and has always been) alien to us.
Suffering, death and decomposition, hiding behind every flower/richness of life/excitement of passion, together with the fist-blows (of the Law), moves like a shadow, shifting itself alongside the landscapes of "torture garden", where the perfumes of the colourful flowers interchange with the organic debris – like a signature to the word itself, to its letter, to its i/(m)mortal power, bringing forth its own dis-embodiment.
Justice, truth, liberty/freedom, love, all these concepts, – as a reigning of the diabolic and evil practices, that are inevitably springing forth from their ideations, as words, imprinted on the forehead of truth, righteousness and life, – bring only death with them, murder and disintegration
and endless suffering in the name of abstract nothingness/'somethingness' of the non/being of the letter-body. — N.M.A. (2017)"