OBŠRR builds his world with blocks of decadent architecture. This urban sight is made up with sounds of real-time fractures, nostalgic samples from a late 80s childhood, sequences of heartbroken melodies and heavy poetry. In the center of it all cowers an isolated and lonely soul.

"According to its founder Vytautas Pliadis, the name of the project is open for interpretation. He himself has once mentioned ‘a morning being violently devoured by an orange beast’ which in Lithuanian spells as ‘Oranžinė Bestija, Šiurkščiai Ryjanti Rytą’, but the author believes that imagination should not be hindered by an imposed truth. It is like a child’s playground where one can invent a game with any object that’s available without having to worry about its actual purpose. The music of Obšrr is like that too. Stylistically it is embedded in a neofolk / synthpop / experimental soil, but due to its unusual approach to sound, someone has suggested a neopolka label (of course this term has nothing to do with its immediate connotation, instead it refers to a method rather than form). Lately the music of Obšrr has gained some harsher contours and sharper staccato-like corners (like in a sandbox). One may also say it is flirting with techno. But this is just a first impression – affiliation to classical harmonies is also present, while the whole soundscape is nicely encased by a hovering, unifying aesthetic. What’s left to say is that no matter how abrasive the silhouettes, there’s always a beam of sunshine coming through and casting light on one’s childhood meadows."
- Povilas Vaitkevičius