A/V drone/ambient/noise projekt from Slovenia
Myrornas Krig (identified under Cadlag) is a duo formation, of the two protagonists/founders/members of the project Cadlag, Simon (Pharmafabrik Recordings) and Neven (organizer of Zasavje Noisefest International).
Myrornas krig or "war of the ants" is the snow" of b/w static noise (seen on the TV set), the "ant-dance of black on white", coming from an unknown source, going back to the fundamental electromagnetic strata of the universe and the emergence of radio waves.
Audio-visual investigation and research of M.K. delves into the fields of cosmic background radiation waves, scattered throughout the space, locating and transcribing the minimal possible detectable microwave-signal into the myrornasian frequency, also known as the "myrornas krig constant" (formula: MKεrad(t0) = ΩKρbc×10−12Jmk2), which is also defined and morphed into the spatial coordinate formula of the visible spectrum, known as "krig parameter" (formula: 4W(.f)) = deg(.f, M”, 0) = deg(.f, K”, 0).

Cadlag / Myrornas Krig - Live in TPO Bologna (Excerpt)