Marta Zapparoli


Marta Zapparoli is an Italian experimental sound artist, improviser, performer, self taught researcher . She works and lives in Berlin since 2007.
Her music mainly consists in narrative sonic pieces that she builds using her sound archive recorded with a variety of recording techniques with out borders, manipulating this material with analogue reel to reel and tape machines.
She record audio signals with the use of analogue and digital devices, antennas, sensors, detectors and microphones. She is interested on the boundaries and relations between acoustic ecology, vibration sound, noise pollution, ultrasonic, radio waves, EMF. From 2014 , her new ongoing research and project called "Inaudible Sound", it is an investigation into inaudible signals which She capture and record around the world focused on whether phenomena, radio nature (VLF) coming from natural phenomenas, EMF, radio waves VHF, air and navy communication, wireless, telegraph communication, morse code, unexplainable acoustic phenomenas and the multiple effects of its spectral side which shape our sense and perception of the reality.
She performed all over Europa and USA, Denmark ,Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Romania,Turkey and she played with many regarded musicians and bands .
She is involved in many other projects with musicians, sound artists, dancers.

Marta Zapparoli excerpt Live@Simultan festival Timisoara 2015