Czech Republic

collaboration of artists – drawers, painters, poets, prose-writers and musicians

Jan Goll - art exhibition
Sandro Dragoj - art exhibiton
Anna Korbelová - art exhibiton

Sandro Dragoj, artist, poet and the founder of the artistic group Infernalismus was born in 1985 and has been perfecting his art since early childhood. He learned to hold a pencil earlier than a spoon. His artistic themes tend towards hell and motives connected to it, different ways to understand and depict hell and the transfer of the soul through its own shadow of rejected self, deeper symbolism and mysticism, not to forget the extremely detailed style of his works.

Jan Goll, born in 1985, artist and retired singer of a black metal group Naurakar, with his mind overtaken by machine mechanics and darkness. He enriches the outsider music through his ear canal with industrial and black metal and the respective environment and atmosphere, which shows in three fundamental topics: steampunk mechanoids, architecture, light topics.

Anna Korbelová is the newest addition to Infernalists, possessing the unusual talent to learn quickly, with extensive knowledge of philosophy and spiritual capacity. In her work she focuses on basic principles of life and death and depiction of femininity.