Corps is a industrial project by Alexei Tegin, an icon of Moscow's underground, the founder of the Phurpa ensemble.
Corps, is focused on a similar thing – pure sound.
Tegin builds instruments from scrap metal and dons a gas mask on stage, but, as he notes, it’s the same sort of shamanism.

This is contemporary Bön, industrial Bön. All instruments are made by me, I am good hand-maker – if I need a cosmic sound I know how to build something that will generate it.
The concept is a situation that can manifest, the whole planet destroyed by a third world war – post-apocalyptic.
The survivors rediscover music without memories of what any of the styles sounded like before destruction.
They use what’s available to play the music inside them – very natural, like animal sound.

says Tegin.
“I’m not a politician, and I’m not a missionary,”
“I’m just a terrorist who knocks the essence out of a person after a two-hour performance. Afterward, some emptiness, some white sheet remains.”

corps - 25.12.2015 [video]