Czech Republic

dronish aesthetic purr mixed with neuro-muscular interplay stretched on psychedelic entirety

live | Phuture Unknown | CZ, Praha

BLACK HIGHWAY is a bicephalous live project consists of A-trash (ex-PANIC SAUCE) and Fx (ex-ALL THE LONELY BITCHES) joined the common idea of creation of labyrinthine soundwave emission element. The narration begun to unwind spontaneously both with and without script and arrangement, melting down together conceptual and impromptu procedures which objectified into synergy and gave rise to the body of heart and its own characteristic. BLACK HIGHWAY sound is widely modular and dynamic, assisted by many 'legal' instruments (trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, violin, voice) whose role is alternatively metabolised, collapsed or vaporised; employing sounds picked up from various non-instrumental industrial sources, scenes and stages, rough field recordings and music concréte all together acting as an stern vs. visionary informing amplified megaphone.
BLACK HIGHWAY grows out of the garden of drone, dark ambient, industrial and noise tending to relief from the gravity of formal bondage being into outspoken vitality. BLACK HIGHWAY is also open to collaborative fusions. We have worked tohether with several individuals and collectives such as CNM, NOISIV, MITAKUYEOYEASIN, SWEEPS 04, TEREZOR, MIMOZEM what exemplifies that BLACK HIGHWAY is not a closed platform but on the contrary rather an open field enviroment.
BLACK HIGHWAY stands also behind the PHUTURE UNKNOWN project, an independent collective dedicated to experimentation with mind resorts and interference of major deep-seated waters through vital abstraction of aural, visuals and other possible sensual inputs that are manufactured, processed and transmitted via outputs of our joint public ventures. The ignition of the PHUTURE UNKNOWN dates to sometime in 2011 rising on the debris of PANIC SAUCE which was helping at the time to build up an awareness of extreme electronic music and related noise platforms in Czech underground and presented events of this kind since 1998 with massive international contribution from all over the World. Soon after the ignition the other mainframe members Vyedma (ROUGHGRAIN) and lately Fx they were implemented into the PHUTURE UNKNOWN body. The partnership based on mutual intersections led to the creation of the coallition aimed at presenting experimental music & art with global support from allied individuals, artists, groupments, labels or collectives, from Alaska across France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Italy, U.K., Switzerland , Bulgaria or Greece to China and other countries. Namely, PHUTURE UNKNOWN so far collaborated with TIM HOLEHOUSE, VĖLIŲ NAMAI, NIGHT ON EARTH, BOMBARDIER, MK9, FREAK-ANIMALS.ORG, CON- DOM, DAVE PHILLIPS, VOID TACTICAL MEDIA, NOISIV, CONJECTURE, MY TRIP, MSS STUBNITZ and many others. Also it is worth mentioning that PHUTURE UNKNOWN and especially some of its members they are driven with passion for abandoned sites where they many times locating their activities. All this in the belief that surrounding area i.e. space itself objectifies our purpose and helps understand better our content.
PHUTURE UNKNOWN is also an anchor for many other activities by its members, focusing and managing sound (studio & live sound engineering), design, photography, videoart and writing. Both BLACK HIGHWAY and PHUTURE UNKNOWN initiatives run on independency and self-maintained principles sharing several autonomous backgrounds. The attitude of self-sustainability is omnipresent, consolidating item for the whole complex thing which foreshadows these activities represent real life basis.
One of the mottos that defines our projects is that the spirit of any physical and mental movement lies in interlinking and confrontation of humans with their idiosyncratic technosphere enviroment within which they have settled.